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About Myutiq About Myutiq Innovation Machine
Leverage Assets
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Our Philosophy
We created the word “myutiq” from the Greek root for the Socratic method (maieutikos). It’s about giving birth to ideas, and describes the core belief of our company: only the understanding that comes from within can lead to true insight.

The definition of myutiq is “the ability to discover what someone has that he doesn’t know”. We apply this concept by helping clients discover the hidden potential of their business that can lead to the next big idea.


Our Approach
Our methodology is centered on the concept of discovering. We don’t package neat documents and bullet point presentations that tell clients what to do. Our results don’t end up sitting on a shelf collecting dust. Through a crisp, well-defined process that includes tools and diagnostics, we help our clients think about their business in an entirely new way. The result: new initiatives that will drive growth and sustainable differentiation.




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