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Where will you get your next big idea?
The future is approaching with lightening speed. Do you see what’s coming? Great ideas don’t happen on command. Even if your current vision and business model are delivering on your expectations, it’s essential to have a proactive process at work for anticipating and managing change. Knowing when and how to seize an opportunity separates market leaders from the crowd.

Building an innovation machine doesn’t happen overnight. Work with us and we will guide you through a crisp, well defined process – one that has been successfully applied to jumpstart innovation in large and small companies around the world.

Ingite Your Business
The Pursuit of Uniqueness


“Sometimes looking straight ahead – even with the most dedicated attention and seasoned experience – just misses both
the big picture and the new ideas, because they often come at you from left field… Success can be your worst enemy.
– Nicolas Negroponte, Founding Director, MIT Media Lab


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